1999.06.03. MTK Stadion, Budapest

Ecstasy Of Gold   
Master Of Puppets  
Of Wolf And Man  
The Thing That Should Not Be  
The Memory Remains  
Bleeding Me  
Bass solo
Harvester Jam
The Four Horsemen  
For Whom The Bell Tolls  
King Nothing  
Wherever I May Roam  
Fight Fire With Fire  
Nothing Else Matters  
Sad But True  
Creeping Death  
Die Die My Darling  
Enter Sandman  



- 4. koncert

- turné a Monster Magnet, Mercyful Fate, Apocalyptica támogatásával





Intro szövegek:

Of wolf and man előtt: „Helo Budapest. Its good to fucking see you again man. Good to hear you also. You feel like singing tonight? Good fucking deal, man. We are Metallica and this is what we do best.

Memory remains előtt: „did that song make you feel good? Make does me, man. Metallica tonight has a long list of fucking songs to play, man. I really have problem remembering all these lyrics. So I hope you know the lyrics. And you already told me, you wanna sing tonight, right? So lets see what happens” / közben: „sing Budapest”  /jason: singing, everybody!

Bass solo előtt (Jason): „Budapest helo, alright. So good to see you and hear all of you man, once again, and this place. We got some good time together on this place, I remember. So I wanna say from Metallica thank you for being here, thank you man, cheeeers, fuuuuuck youuuu! / közben: thank you, beautiful, man, thank you.

Four Horsemen közben: „Budapest!”

(King Nothing –ig nincs több szöveg, onnantól pedig már nincs felvétel)

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Egy elég vicces videó, James nagyon jó hangulatban volt...

(szövege: "We are here in Budapest, Metallica here, James Hetfield lead vocals and rhytm guitar, somtimes I do lead too, sometimes. Anyway, we are here in Budapest, Hungary very kick ass show. They are very glad to see Metallica for some reason, I don´t know. People from Buda were here and from Pest and they got together and they are all friends and stuff. You know it´s gonna be a great show when you see signs like this (James is holding up a Hungarian Pyro sign and he is "trying" to translate it to English). "Welcome friends, pyro technics are funny. Make your way to the stage quickly and be part of the fireworks." That is what it means really. No one took us up on the offer, they tend to stay away when things are flaming, for some reason. They don´t want to catch on fire like me, they are all pussies are all. Anway, have a great time, c-ya.")

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