2007.07.05. Bécs, Ausztria

Creeping Death
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Ride The Lightning
Disposable Heroes
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
...And Justice For All
The Memory Remains
The Four Horsemen
Fade To Black
Master of Puppets
Wherever I May Roam
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
Stone Cold Crazy
Seek and Destroy


- bár gyakran járnak Ausztriában, Bécsben utoljára 1996-ban adtak koncertet
- Sick Of The Studio turné


Intro szövegek:


For Whom The Bell Tolls előtt: Are you having fun tonight? Are you ready to have more fun? Mr Ulrich on the drums, give him some love. On the bass guitar Mr. Robert Trujillo.

Disposable Heroes előtt: Metallica. Vienna. Metallica. Vienna. We are together now. Are you with us? Hurrá, Hurrá. Disposable Heroes. / Do you want it? Nono, you dont wanti it, you need it! / Mr. Hammett.

Utána: Dispsable Heroes, baby. On lead guitar Mr. Kirk Hammett

Justice előtt: Are you out there? And justice for all.

Memory Remains előtt: Heyya. Its good to see you again. Yeah, thank you for the banners. Yes. see some old friends out there, great to see you again, and I do just have to say, I think we on behalf of all of us Metallica, its an absolute honour to play with Heaven and hell. Tony, Geezer. You guys, tought us how to do this, really did. And now hopefully we’ve taken it to a whole different level, hehe. Thats, but we dont know, but that doesnt matter cause it feels good right? Now my throat so little soar tonight, do you feel like singing? Thats not gonna do it, do you feel like singing?

Memory Remains után: Vienna you’re beautiful, thank you.. Most excellent singing out there. Give yourselves a hand. / Kill em all? Kill em all?

Rob szóló előtt: O, hell yes. did you like that song? Four horsemen. Gonna go, so. Feeling good? You’re sounding good, very good. You’ve been taking singing lessons, yes? Did ye, James, taking singing lessons, since you’ve been gone, waiting for you to came back, its about time. So wanna introduce my friend up here on bass guitar, hopefully you know him, if you dont, you sure gonna find out right now: Mr Robert Trujillo, bass guitar / Rob: Thank you.

Orion után: Orion, thank you very much, Robert Trujillo bass guitar. God bless Mr Cliff Burton!

Whiplash elején: Do you want some whiplash, Vienna?

Whiplash után: Thank you Vienna from Metallica, thank you.

Enter sandman után: Danke schön, thank you, Vienna. We are Metallica.

Stone cold crazy előtt: (??) What? So shining(?) Are you tired? Are you tired? Are you tired now? Ok. You need more? / huhú more for you.

Seek and destroy előtt: Thank you goodnight. Thank you goodnight. You tired now? Good night. Good nacht, widersehen, saionara, adios, chao (?) Ok, one more just cause its you. No, we gonna play anyway, you know that. Id like to dedicate this song to the Metallica family. You know who you are. You come back year after year, you support your friends here, Metallica, and we love you friends, thank you so much. This is from kill em all, Seek and destroy! / („Scanning the scene in Vienna tonight”)

Seek and destroy közben: Vienna, did you have fun tonight? So did we, Metallica loves you, thank you.

Seek and destroy után:

James: Metallica loves you Vienna, thank you, and good night. Vienna, Metallica appreciate you so very much, its great to see you again, take care yourselves, thank you.

Kirk: oh, Vienna, danke schön motherfuckers, yea

Rob: danke schön, hooahhh, hooahh

Lars: Salzburg 2003 and 3 years in Vienna, 3 gigs in Vienna last 3 years, you know looks to be the best tonight, right? We will see you very fucking soon with a brand new album and a brand new tour, right




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