1991.08.22. Népstadion, Budapest

Enter Sandman   
Creeping Death  
Harvester Of Sorrow  
Fade To Black  
Sad But True  
Master Of Puppets  
Seek & Destroy  
For Whom The Bell Tolls  
Last Caress  
Am I Evil?



- Monsters Of Rock koncert

- AC/DC a főzenekar


Monsters Of Rock póló:

Intro szövegek:

Harvester of sorrow előtt: „Looks like we got some Metallica friends here tonight, ye? Come to make some noise, right? Cant fucking hear ya. Right? Alright, what the fuck with... (?) aint pussies done, and justice for all, do you got that one? Alright, lets see what the fuck it is / utána: yeah, thank you

Sad but true előtt: „what? oh yea, we play some new shit now. Do you have the new album? If you dont you will fucking get it and you gonna know this too. A happy little one, this is sad but rue

Master of Puppets előtt: „Hey shut up! Hey, get pretty goddamn quiet here, we’d better fucking wake up out there. You guys sleeping? Alright. So repeat after me here. Hey, hey...... Master Of Pupppets.

Seek and destroy után: „you got singing (?) that one. Jason sad good (?) time. How are you, you wake up here?

For whom the bell tolls előtt: „Goddamn it, keep going. (?) you got the album a.. oh my god (?)... thats Jason Newsted, and its on the album ride the lightning, is for whom the bell tolls”

Whiplash előtt: „did you like that one? Adrenalin starts to flow, thrashing all around, acting like a maniac. Lets wake the fuck up, lets keep some action going out there. One, two, one two three, four.

Utána: thank you Budapest, thank you good night. Fuck yeah!

Last caress előtt: „so what....tuttututtutú, hehe (?)....

Battery után: „Budapest thank you very much, see you around some time .....


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