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1999.06.03 By: Adam Szeleczky

Hey !I've just seen the gig ! Here's my review !! 1999.06.03.MTK Stadium, Budapest, Hungary.
After years of long waiting, today it finally happened ! Metallica played in Budapest, Hungary. The fans (we) were already there, when the gates opened at 16:00 just to get a good place near the stage. At about 6 o'clock the first opening act, Mercyful Fate entered the stage in funny makeup, but with great songs. They played about 45 minutes. 30 minutes later Monster Magnet tried to please the crowd, but they weren't as good as MF. At the end of their set the singer said: "Viva Hungary!" and "You're the best looking crowd I've seen in a long time!" That's because Hungarian chicks are cool and beautiful and they were all in the first row around me !!

After one hour of waiting the lights went out and Ecstasy Of Gold, the intro music started. For the first time I really wanted that music to be over as soon as it was possible. James started the riff of BREADFAN. Yeah ! Kirk walked in from the other side of the stage, Jason as well. Lars was the last to come in and sit down to play his well known stomach-killer, ass-kicker rhythms. MASTER Of PUPPETS was the second song. The full version. When James sang "Master...Master" Between the two "Master's you could drop a penny and hear it ! The contrast of the band with the crowd and the silence was awesome!! After James greeted the fans, came WOLF and THE THING THAT SHOULD NOT BE. The first pyro came at the start of FUEL, with flames all over the stage, and a big boom with Lars's first beat. "Do you wanna sing? Well, on the next song you'll get your chance!" said James before THE MEMORY REMAINS. At the end, Jason conducted and we were singing the Marianne Faithful part. BLEEDING ME and Jason's bass solo was next. Kirk later joined to play the SANITARIUM intro, which was a little rest for everyone in the first two rows, but only to save some energy for THE FOUR HORSEMEN. Most of the girls were pulled out from the crowd while Kirk played the famous horsemen-riff, so they missed the next song (my all time favorite) FOR WHOM THE BELL TOOLS !

KING NOTHING was cool and ROAM prepared everyone for the peak of the show: ONE. The war-pyro was great ! For the first time, there were little rockets starting from the two wings of the stage. James's guitar was a little out of key, but no one really cared. The song was amazing! After a little intro from the RIDE THE LIGHTNING album the band started to play FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE. At the third part of the song one pyro-boom came a little late, and Kirk was a bit angry. The pyro-guy was sleepin'; or something. It was time to say goodbye for the first time. The crowd screamed and screamed and screamed... NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. Orgasm. After SAD and CREEP the band left the stage for the second time. When they returned to play the last 3 songs a little incident came, which was funny to the crowd but not for Lars. He accidentally hit his fingers with his own drumsticks! Hehehe ! He was angry but OK. DIE, DIE, DIE MY DARLING and SANDMAN was great with the big end-explosion, and after a few minutes of drum stick give-aways (my lucky friend got one) and big waves to the crowd, they played BATTERY, the last song. The concert was huge ! It was the third time I saw Metallica live and I still say, that they are the best live band in the world. Everyone must see this show, so don't sit in front of your computer, move you're ass and get the tickets ! It's an experience for life!

Adam Szeleczky Budapest, Hungary




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