Beszámoló 1993 - Vojin (eng)

1993.06.09, by Vojin Sarcevic

I'm glad you asked me about 1993 concert, since it was the BEST DAY EVER IN MY LIFE! Well it is not going to be that short as you may be expected :-) but here it is... I was 17 then. This may not have the higher importance, but Serbia then was under sanctions and coming to Budapest to see Metallica was like coming to another world, full of happiness and wealth. It was even more great because it was MY FIRST METALLICA CONCERT, MAN! I was there with a friend who is hungarian and lived in Belgrade. We were in front of the MTK stadium about 14pm and waited 4,5 hours (!!!) to enter the stadium. We ran into it and entered THE FIRST ROW! I was in front of the right microphone, where Jason will be standing. The openers were Cult and Megadeth. Cult was OK, but not my favourite band. They were instead of Alice In Chains, and I am very sorry because AIC is also the band I like very much, and Staley is dead now... Megadeth was also good and I still do not know did Lars and Mustaine speak on that part of European leg, when Megadeth was supporting act. The sound was good and strong but still not like what's gonna come..


And then it came! After the Morricone Intro, that creeped me, Lars first ran out of the backstage holding the sticks and another hand highly in the air! After him was Kirk, then short-haired Jason and James at the very end. The first one was Creeping Death! It was chaos in the 20.000 crowd, everybody was in a trance. The guyz from the band were changing places on stage all the time. Second one was "Harvester", which was heavy and brutal. Then it was "Sanitarium" that up until today stands in my 5 favourite Metallica songs. "Of Wolf and Man" was dedicated "to all the wild animals tonight" and sounded just like on the album. Next was "The Thing That Should Not Be" which surprised me; there was no Internet at that time and no way you can find out set-list from that tour. "Wherever I May Roam" started and the cameraman was passing in front of us in the first row and I was on those large screens beside :-))) Next was "Disposable Heroes" which even more surprised me! Fast, hard-hitting, best in that part "I was born for dying..." and we were all covered in beer by Jason :-) After that was "Unforgiven" with acoustic intro, very nice. And the "Instrumental Medley" was KILLER, MAN! "My friend of misery - Anesthesia - Orion - To live is to die (!) - The Call of Ktulu (!!)" WHAT A BLAST! Next was "The 4 Horsemen" and then a shorter version of "Master". Which was followed by 17-minute "Seek and Destroy" and in one moment James jumped right in front of me with a microphone only, giving us the chance to sing-along with him. While he was passing around he touched our hands... and regarding singing, unfortunately I was already about 1-2 meters on the left from him and I didn't make it, but later I managed to get his... how it is called... that small thing with which you play guitar? YEAH IT IS GREEN WITH A METALLICA LOGO AND A SNAKE AND I STILL KEEP IT AS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE! My Hungarian friend almost got Lars's drumstick, it passed through his hands when Lars threw it in the crowd... :-( After that came the following set "For Whom...", "Fade to black", and furiously-played "Battery" (James hardly made it to sing it this fast :-). "Nothing else matters" was quite emotional, and during "Last Caress" some simple white Metallica flag was thrown on stage, and Kirk kicked it right into my arms. Recently I put it on the wall in my room, I wrote the setlist just the day after the show and it is such a great memory for me... During "One" I was in delerium, it was my favourite Metallica song in that time. "Sad but true" was intentionally slowed-down and it was very heavy. The last one was "Sandman" with pyrotechnics and it concluded the show in best possible manner. What else to say, I'll keep the ticket and all those stuff for the rest of my life...


About recordings of the show, I was COMPLETELY AWESOMELY SLAMMED UP when I found out that some guy from Arizona, USA has the bootleg... he is one of the few in the world that I saw he has it. I asked him and incredibly he burned me (audio version, 2CD) of the show. It's extremely bad in quality, but hey whadda fuck... Some guyz here from Serbia have a VHS recording of the press-conference in Budapest (Kirk & Jason) and about 30 minutes of camera recording of the show (far from behind in the crowd) but I still didn't get it... Serbs are strange people... :-) What else? I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I when I wrote it. Take care, man, tell me what you think about this, and METALLICA FOREVER!!!




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