2010.05.14. Puskás Ferenc Stadion, Budapest

Creeping Death
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Through The Never
Harvester Of Sorrow
Fade To Black
That Was Just Your Life
The End Of The Line
The Day That Never Comes
Sad But True
Master Of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
- - - - - - - -
Seek and Destroy



- Az ötödik magyar koncert!
- Turné: World Magnetic Tour '10
- Ez volt a turné 148. koncertje, ebben az évben a 27.
- Robert bemutatkozása kishazánkban
- Először játszott számok Magyarországon: Through the never, That was just your life, The end of the line, The day that never comes, Cyanide, Helpless, Motorbreath
- nézőszám: 40+ ezer?


 Intro szövegek:

For whom előtt: Budapest, are you with us? Are you with us?

Harvester of sorrow előtt:
Budapest, hello! Has it been eleven years? Thats much too long. But you came back! Its good to see you! We play some old stuff for you!

Fade to black közben: Budapest, do you feel it? Do you feel it? Do you feel what I feel?

End of the line előtt: Because tonight its your life! Metallica family of Budapest, its your life!

Sad but true előtt: Liked that song? Play it again? We've got more stuff to play. You know why we're here? We're here to make you feel good. Is it working? Need some more work. Alright. Cause when you're happy, we get happy, alright? So it's been eleven years since Metallica has been to Budapest. Who was here eleven years ago? I dont know if things are change or not, but back then Budapest you liked it heavy. Do you still like it heavy? Do you want heavy? Metallica gives you heavy baby!!

Cyanide előtt: Im sorry that was too heavy. Yes it was. Wasnt, really? Alright. So we have a lot of friends here tonight yeah? We all consider the Metallica family Budapest tonight and in this next song we need to help of our family, ok? Can I trust you? This one's a new one titled Cyanide.

Kirk solo 2 előtt: Are you feeling better? Good, its working. Take your good feelings, send them up here along with your eyes and your ears to this man, my friend and lead guitar player Kirk "the ripper" Hammett!

Enter sandman után: You made us feel good!

Helpless előtt: You're beautiful Budapest! Alright. You're still here. I hear you, I can hear you, thats right. Metallica is greatful that you've come to see us play. So now this is the part of the set, where we play someone else's song, we play a cover song, tribute to the band who inspired Metallica to play music. Back when we were little girls growing up, alright? (No comprehending?) This one from a band called Diamond Head.

Seek and destroy előtt: Thank you friends, thank you very much! Thank you good night! We've come all this way, we need to do an other song. So, has it been good? Alright. So we'd love to make some history of this song. We wanna get everyone in here singing on the next song ok? Even if you dont know how to sing, it doesn't matter. I've made a career out of that. This next song is from the album Kill em all. You have it? Alright. What I'd would like to do before we start this song.. can we turn on the lights, so we could see the Metallica family of Budapest. Turn on the houselights here, yeah! Hey, hey... alright! Now I think you're ready. Im watching you! No excuses for not singing. This song has 3 simple words: seek and destroy.

Seek and destroy után: Metallica loves you Budapest! Budapest you kick ass, thank you!
(Kirk) Budapest, you guys fucking rock, thanks!
(Rob) Alright Budapest, Let me get a hoooeah, hoooah!
(Lars) The last question is simple: am I the only one in here think that Metallica should come to Budapest, Hungary a little more often than eleven fucking years, right? Budapest, Metallica fucking loves you and we will see you very fucking soon, thank you!


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